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The Story of huMENity

 A healthy mindset, the power to be courageous, embracing your vulnerability are critical elements that boys and men must lean into. The collective of huMENity can help you discover this path.


As founder of this initiative, Paul embarked on a personal voyage navigating the social constructs that society has designed for our men, and that begin in boyhood. 


This led to an understanding of the fault lines, indeed dangers that await, and illuminating the insights to help design and develop a healthy way forward for men; one that empowers and encourages you to embrace who you are, discover who you can become and encourage others to do the same.


While connecting online with various men's groups, Paul was inspired by the efficacious elixir that can be found in the African greeting, Sawubona, "I see you, and I am here for you to be seen". Ready to share his struggles, vulnerabilities and inspiration, Paul was elevated to the TEDx Stage, giving a talk titled "The Mythical Man", where he reveals his commitment to vulnerability. 


Connecting where needed in person, or through podcasts, speaking engagements, and writing, Paul is committed to sharing the mission of huMENity.


Connecting with audiences of all sizes, Paul asks the necessary questions, ones he struggled with himself:


  • Why do social constructs fail us?

  • How do boys miss the chance to be boys?

  • What does it mean to be seen?

  • What are the greatest gifts we seek?

  • What do our boys and men really need?

  • How can we do this together?



If these questions resonate with you, or if you would like to explore others, please do not hesitate - contact Paul today!

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