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On Death & Dying

We have seen Death and Dying become ever more marginalized in our daily experience.

From the exclusion of the dying process and funerals at a young age, 

to the "handing over" of our dying when a prognosis comes through,

the "Death Industrial Complex" is there to do all the heavy lifting.

And we believe that this comes with a heavy cost. 

We work in a variety of ways in order to reclaim Death and Dying into the mainstream. Here 

Here are just some of the ways we do that:

  • DEATH CIRCLES: Held regularly or ad hoc, these are sacred spaces that invite participants to explore their own relationship to Death, their own and loved ones. 

  • DEATH TALKS: As a certified Death Doula, Paul has spent countless hours thinking about and studying our relationship to Death and Dying. He would welcome the opportunity to come speak to your community about what he has learned and experienced.

  • DEATH DOULA SERVICES: Working with the family and / or the individual, Paul supports those who have had Death enter their lives in a very meaningful, present way. From navigating both anticipatory and lived grief to creating the opportunity to create a "community" death, the death of a loved one can be absolutely beautiful, even when it is feared.

  • CELEBRATION SUPPORT: Creating a meaningful experience to be shared by friends and family can be a nourishing and supportive experience, one that honors the dead while also providing a space for grief to be nourished. 

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